Rockin UK Tour – Our UK Tour experience from 2015 to the 2018 amazing recording and mastering sessions we had at the historic “Studio 2” in Abbey Road Studios, London, UK.

From the T Clemente Band’s latest album “ Man Machine” with beautiful and amazing voice of Amanda Dieck.

It all came down to passion
We'll do it til we die
The Double Tree at Old Bath Road
Their arms open wide
Passing Big Ben and
The Palace Feel the history of life
In the pub we hold our glass up high
Another day survived

Up all night we've got to go
Hit the road we've got to roll
Roadway on to our next show
Round and round and round and round
And roundabout we go

Fox and Goose down at Southport
Railway heart of Bolton
The Dragonffli in Pontypool Wales
And the music spun as around
Iron road heart of Evesham
12 Bar Halloway London
Golden Lion down Barnstaple
At the coast we hit The Chill Bar
Ilfracombe, mesmerized by hidden treasure

The band just kept on rockin'
As Hot as a burnin' fire
The Hampton Inn at Exeter
With her with beautiful smile
Driving country roads for hours
Riding a double decker bus
Hearing Mind the gap on the London tube
Good memories made for us

The Cavern Club at Liverpool
Oneill Pub at Leicester Square
the Alley Cat back in old London
How our music kept us alive
Dining at JDwetherspoon
Chill Bar cheerin' us on
Rockin' people's souls with love
And the way we felt as we hit the stage
As we grab ahold on our Rockin UK Tour
T Clemente Band UK Tour and their recording and mastering session at Abbey Road Studios. From their latest album "Man Machine"


October 14/15, 2018

We had a traditional English breakfast at our hotel in Workington yesterday with beans, bacon, black pudding, etc. and left our hotel around 11am to head south to London. It was still raining a bit, on and off, but spirits were pretty high as we ended the tour with a super fun show and party the night before. We took some extra time to compact our luggage from gig bags, guitar cases, merch boxes, carry-ons and suitcases down to 2-3 pieces each, including various band shirts, souvenirs, and gifts we’ve accumulated since arriving. That was no small feat.

We had a better view of the lakes region of northwest England on the way back to the motorway and were able to appreciate it a bit more than we were on the way in. The drive back into the city was about 6 hours including stops for food, coffee, toilets, and gas. We arrived at the garage in Camden Town that supplied our van and our gear and happen to run into the guy we’d been working with since we arrived who was dropping off another van. We got our stuff out, locked it up, and waited a few minutes in the rain for the cab that took us to our hotel near Heathrow. There was an NFL game at Wembly, and London traffic is just generally brutal anyway. We were wiped, but Pat was glad to finally be a passenger and we got one last look at the city.

We finally got to the hotel, checked in, and immediately took an Uber to a pub that was a few miles away for one last decent meal. We each got curry and it was really good. Not quite on the level the curries we had in Swansea or Whitechapel, but a great meal. Back at the hotel we had a nightcap at the bar, called home, and crashed out.

This morning we were on the 7:55am shuttle to Terminal 5, then the express-tram to Terminal 3 and luggage drop where I bid my Telecaster a safe journey. From there it was security, coffee, and Gate 24. Our flight was delayed over an hour because the crew was held up on the M3 motorway because of an accident that caused a traffic jam. We finally took off around 10:30am and landed in Detroit right around 3pm. TrooperGirl22 picked me up and drove me home.

It’s been a hell of a week. Plenty of ups and downs for sure. Some of the shows were pretty rough and really tested our resolve, but there were a few great ones too. We met a lot of great people, some real characters, a few head cases, and some great contacts. We got our music into the hands of some new people. We ate some amazing food and a bit too much service plaza food. We saw some beautiful country and had some insane drives. Big hugs to my bandmates Gabriel for bouncing back from his knee injury and playing like a champ and Patrick who drove every single inch of the trip, including some insane single-lane roads, on the opposite side, and against some less-than-perfect navigation from the passenger seat.

Big thanks to Ray for coming through on everything he promised and then some, and Matt Snowball Music for a great backline and excellent support with the van issues. Thanks to my friends who came to see us in Ilfracombe, Wakefield, and Coalville. And thanks to all the bands, bar owners, sound engineers, and all the people who came up and said hi and bought merch and drinks.

We’re off for a couple weeks, then we’ve got two more short runs this year and a couple local things. Thanks for reading.




Hey Ray,
      we all made it home safe and sound.. a HUGE thank you to both you and both where very helpful and went above and beyond to make it a memorable trip for all of us in Madman's Lullaby.. we had a GREAT time and certainly hope to be able to come out and do this again with you guys sometime the meantime get some rest and take care of each other
                                          Much Love to you both  Brett